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Straighter Teeth in Six Months or Less at SmileUp Dentistry in Bartonville-Tx

At SmileUp Dentistry we know that your time is important and so is your appearance. Maybe you want a better, straighter smile, but feel like you can’t devote the time it will take. We can take care of your crooked teeth and your time concerns with Six Month Smiles! These braces gently and quickly align the teeth that show when you smile.

For our patients in Bartonville, Six Month Smiles give you plenty of advantages. The wires are made from color-matched nickel titanium and the brackets are clear. These two elements of Six Month Smiles make them nearly unnoticeable.

Since the system uses low forces to shift your teeth, they feel more comfortable. There is less risk of gum irritation, root damage, and other dental problems, too. They also work far more quickly than traditional braces—giving you optimal results in six months or less.

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The Clear Teeth-Straightening Solution for Adults and Teens

So, you want a straighter smile, but you’re leery of committing to the time and effort of traditional orthodontia. And you worry about the look and feel of bracket-and-wire braces as well as the difficulties in keeping them clean. If these concerns are preventing you from getting the smile you want, then SmileUp Dentistry invites you to consider Invisalign clear braces!

Invisalign clear braces are a series of aligners that are customized to comfortably straighten your crooked teeth. Every two weeks, you switch out one set for the next, and over the course of twelve to twenty-four months, your teeth are gently moved into optimal alignment. At SmileUp Dentistry in Bartonville, TX, we are Invisalign clear braces providers—and we can assess your smile and see if you’ll benefit from this excellent teeth-straightening system!