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The Clear Teeth-Straightening Solution for Adults and Teens

Free Consultation – SmileUp Dentistry is introducing the “Invisalign Smile Consult” program for virtual consultations so you can meet our doctors and discuss your treatment options. To setup a free consultation contact us and we will get you scheduled.

So, you want a straighter smile, but you’re leery of committing to the time and effort of traditional orthodontia. And you worry about the look and feel of bracket-and-wire braces as well as the difficulties in keeping them clean. If these concerns are preventing you from getting the smile you want, then SmileUp Dentistry invites you to consider Invisalign clear braces!

Invisalign clear braces are a series of aligners that are customized to comfortably straighten your crooked teeth. Every two weeks, you switch out one set for the next, and over the course of twelve to twenty-four months, your teeth are gently moved into optimal alignment. At SmileUp Dentistry we are Invisalign clear braces providers—and we can assess your smile and see if you’ll benefit from this excellent teeth-straightening system!

Snap-On Smile – Affordable Non-Invasive Smile Makeover

Natural looking Snap-On Smile

SmileUp Dentistry is offering a free online consultation and a free full exam and X-Ray if you are a candidate.

A Snap-On Smile is the most affordable, non-invasive and completely reversible solution to your smile problems. If cost and the invasive nature of cosmetic surgery is not something you are ready for, the Snap-On Smile is a perfect solution for a smile makeover for the right candidate.

Contact us and schedule your virtual consultation and see if you are the right candidate for a Snap-On Smile.