3 Same Day Crown Advantages

Same day crowns will have you feeling like your normal self with just one visit to the dentist. There is nothing fun about having a cavity. At best it can be an annoying spot where food particles get stuck, forcing … Continued

What To Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Nothing brings up traumatic childhood memories like the thought of tooth extractions! Ironically, these aren’t even really painful procedures. Sure there’s a little bit of pain involved, but it’s nothing close to what most people imagine.What are tooth extractions?Tooth extractions … Continued

3 Reasons to Choose Snap-On Smile

If you are looking for a way to get a more natural looking smile, consider Snap-On-Smile. This oral health solution is comprised of a removable tray. It fits on the teeth to provide the look of a natural smile. This … Continued

All-On-4 FAQ’s

What is All-on-4?All-on-4 is a system in which a dental implant technique is used to give a patient new teeth. These teeth are functional, aesthetically pleasing and non-removable. The system can be implemented in a single appointment. The typical patient … Continued

How Can a Dentist Near Me Improve My Smile?

My smile is unattractive, and I need a dentist near me to improve it. Can you help?Yes, we can. As a cosmetic dentist office in Bartonville, we can transform your smile into something truly stunning. Regardless of whether you have … Continued

Visit Our Bartonville Dentist Office Before Getting Married

Smileup Dentistry encourages you to visit our dental office before walking down the aisle. We work with many people who are looking forward to special occasions and want to make sure that their smile is in great condition. There is … Continued

Here Are the Type of Dental Implants We Use to Replace Teeth

Modern dental implants take advantage of technology to create a seamless and beautiful support for your new tooth. Using techniques and materials to form a better bond with the teeth allows us to give you a tooth that looks, feels, … Continued

More Information About Dentures Patients Depend On

We provide dentures to replace the missing teeth of patients. Dentures are a detachable prosthesis that can help make your smile whole again. Some people lose their teeth because of poor diet, bad oral hygiene routines, gum disease, tooth decay, … Continued

10 Signs You Need to See Your Family Dentist

It is important to visit a family dentist twice a year for thorough teeth cleaning services. Additionally, people need to watch for signs of an oral health problem and seek professional treatment right away. If one develops, it is best … Continued

Are Adult Orthodontics Really Worth It?

When you are considering getting adult orthodontics, you should know if it is worth going through the process. Many people look at getting something like braces and are overwhelmed by the prospects of needing to wear braces or aligners for … Continued