In an effort to assure the safety and health of our patients and everyone at SmileUp Dentistry, we have a plan for re-opening our dental practice.

We are following all CDC engineering controls for your protection.

If you are experiencing any symptoms as explained on the CDC site, do not come for your appointment and contact us immediately. It is critical we keep everyone safe.

Safety Enhancements and Process Changes

In order to keep contact to a minimum, SmileUp Dentistry setup new procedures for patient appointments.

1) Maintain social distancing

Patients wait in their cars until we text them. We hope in the near future things will be back to normal and we can open up our waiting room, but for now, it’s a no.

2) Extra visitors and guests of patients are not allowed

Just you, the patient. We understand the issues involved and the way things are currently, this is what we are allowed to do.

3) We take temperature at the door with our no contact thermometer

If the temperature is above 99 degrees, we will request you go home.

4) We will provide you with hand sanitizer before you enter

We ask you to TOUCH NOTHING on your way to your chair.

5) We give you a mask to wear at the door

You are welcome to take the mask home afterwards.

6) We give you an ozone mouth rinse

We ask you to wipe your exposed skin with an ozone washcloth.

7) We use ozone water in our dental units

Not only does that give us zero colony forming units, it keeps ALL of our waterlines sterile. No nasty stuff can grow in there.

8) We use DryShield to safely control all saliva and aerosols

DryShield performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue shield and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device.

9) We use EnvironMed Negative ION Generator

Negative Ions generators create electronically charged particles that have extra electrons. Air contaminants are positively charged and when in contact with negative ions they will be neutralized.

10) All gowns are cleaned between each service

We clean our clothing between each servicing using Ozone and disinfectants.

11) We wear p100 mercury respirators or n95 masks or equivalent around you

We sanitize our reusable p100 masks with ozone or wipe them down with Optim wipes.

12) We have face shields

We wear face shields so no direct contact will occur when in close proximity.

Invisalign Virtual Consultations

We setup a special program for our patients wanting Invisalign alternative to braces. So how does this work?

  • Contact SmileUp Dentistry and schedule an Invisalign Appointment with your dentist.
  • We will book you an appointment and send you a confirmation email.
  • To prepare for your appointment, make sure you download the Zoom App.
  • When you are ready for your appointment you will click the “Start your appointment” link in the email.

The PDF for COVID-19 guidelines is still available: COVID-19 Guidelines.