Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy

Advancements in dentistry take place every day, but some innovations in the United States have been in use in other countries for decades. Ozone therapy is something dentists in the US are now using to treat patients, but it has been in use elsewhere since the 1930s. Using ozone in dentistry has many advantages for our patients and is part of our holistic approach to dentistry.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Most people associate ozone with pollution and the Earth’s stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. However, ozone is a form of oxygen, known by the formula O3, or trioxygen. Ozone therapy is a form of minimally invasive treatment that eliminates infection, keeps tooth decay from developing, and supports healthy tissue, all without toxic side affects.

How is Ozone Therapy Used?

Our dentists use ozone gas to get rid of decay-causing bacteria. Ozone has negatively charged ions that attract positively charged bacteria in areas of inflammation and infection.

Applying the gas to a cavity acts to kill the bacteria and alters the atmosphere around the tooth so that the bacteria cannot come back and flourish. Since bacteria thrive on the acids in your mouth, ozone changes their pH levels, which neutralizes them so that bacteria cannot survive and grow.

Advantages of Ozone Therapy

There are many advantages for our dentists at SmileUp Dentistry to using ozone in our practices.

No Drills are Necessary

This treatment does not require the use of drills to prevent or treat cavities. For adults and children who dread going to the dentist, this therapy can help relieve their fear and anxiety about going to visit our dentists in Bartonville, TX, without needing sedation or other treatments. Since it is minimally invasive, patients will have no reason to fear its use.

Quick Recovery Times

Another reason patients will like ozone therapy is due to the quick recovery times. Since treatments don’t involve drills or medications, no recovery time is necessary after ozone therapy treatments. They can go on about their day after their dental appointments at SmileUp Dentistry.

Along with treating cavities, ozone therapy helps reduce tooth sensitivity, and it can sterilize root canals during root canal treatments. If you fear going to the dentist due to pain, ask about options like ozone therapy to get the dental treatments you need.

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