The Worst Candy for Your Teeth

The Worst Candy for Your Teeth

April 16, 2019

Taking care of the teeth is a necessity, and you need to be careful in this regard right from your childhood days. In fact, kids are more vulnerable to dental disorders than adults. Dental infection in tender age could lead to a lot of troubles. Sharp pain on the gum can cause sleeplessness for your kids. They would not be able to focus on studies and they would not be able to play with other kids. At SmileUp Dentistry, professional dentists have recognized that the candies often do severe damages to the teeth. In the following section, those candies are named.

Worst Candies for Kids

No candy is actually good for the teeth of your kid, though there are a few candies that have been recognized as worst in this regard. The sugar present in candies helps the bacteria to grow and plaque formation occurs at a rapid pace.

Hard Candies: Hard candies take time to dissolve, and thus they are more harmful for the teeth.

Sticky Candy: Sticky candies stay on the mouth for a long time. They get stuck to gum and teeth. As a result bacteria can use them to grow in numbers.

Sour Candy: For kids, sour candies are extremely harmful as they come with acidic elements. Acidic substances also help the bacteria to grow quite faster.

Worst Easter Candy

During Easter, kids exchange candies. However, most of the Easter candies are quite harmful for their teeth. These candies are tempting, but they come with the risk of damaging teeth of your kids. So, you should ask your kids to avoid such candies.

The Alternative Solutions

You may ask your kids not to have candies, but no kid would like such a sermon. So, parents need to find alternative solutions. The alternative options are:

Dark Chocolate: Your kids will love chocolates. So, instead of traditional chocolates, you should give them dark chocolates. They are less harmful for teeth.

Sugar Free Candies: if your kids are fond of candies, you can give them sugar free candies. They taste good and are not harmful.

Nutty Snacks: Instead of candies, your kids would love nutty snacks.

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Dr. Sonya Reddy received her education at the prestigious NYU College Of Dentistry, where she also received special training in Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Reddy is a member of the American Cosmetic Dentists, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and a SMART certified and accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.