Teeth whitening: what works. What doesn’t?

Teeth whitening: what works. What doesn’t?

March 16, 2019

Every one wish to have shinning white teeth but due to various factors teeth can get yellow. People have thousands of myths and questions with teeth whitening and expert dentists at Smileup Dentistry can answer them all.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The outside layer of your enamel has a Dentin core which is yellow in colour. When your teeth get in contact with acidic foods, this yellow layer spread on the teeth surface making it look yellow.

There are two methods that whiten teeth

While you are looking for alternative for whiten teeth, two things can help. Firstly, bleaching product can actually change the yellow colour of the dentin enamel making your tooth look white. Secondly, abrasive products like whitening mouthwash and toothpaste may remove the stain on teeth making it look white.

But only one should be considered

Expert dentists from Smileup Dentistry suggest trusting bleaching products because they are effective. Abrasive products do not clean below the surface and may also harm the enamel if not used properly.

Should I use whitening toothpaste?

Even when some toothpaste claims to have bleaching properties but they hardly affect yellow colour of teeth. It can remove temporary stain but has very less or no effect on tooth colour.

Should I use whitening strips?

Strips may not be an effective way for tooth whitening and it is always better to use custom whitening tray instead of strips.

Can I just use hydrogen peroxide at home?

When you wish to use hydrogen peroxide at home for teeth whitening you must only do this with the consultation from expert dentist.

What about natural whitening remedies?

While using natural whitening remedies you must be very careful such that it does not harm your teeth in a wrong way.

Should I have my teeth professionally whitened?

Professional cleaning can be a better option because it ensures long-term teeth whitening benefits. Smileup Dentistry is best clinic for teeth whitening.

So what’s the safest way to whiten my teeth?

Dentist suggests consulting expert before choosing best product for teeth whitening. Bleaching products or professional cleaning can be better alternative.