Speak with a Dentist for Kids About Thumb Sucking

Speak with a Dentist for Kids About Thumb Sucking

June 1, 2019

Thumb sucking can be a challenge that dentists for kids deal with quite often. Many parents visit the dentist in Bartonville with a concern that their kids suck their thumb and they don’t know how to help the kids get rid of this habit. The dentist near Lantana, TX says that most children stop sucking their thumbs by the time they reach 4 so if your child is younger than that, you can wait for a while.

However, if the child is older than age of 5 and still sucks his/ her thumb, it can be the right time to take proactive measures for encouraging the child to stop. Continuing to suck thumb can lead to long-term issues with teeth and jaw in children. Every child is different and we recommend scheduling a consultation with our clinic in Bartonville, TX.

Concerns with thumb sucking

One of the major concerns that people have about thumb sucking is that if a child sucks their thumb when their permanent teeth are coming in or getting close to coming in, there can be problems due to how teeth come together. Some children can experience an open bit because of thumb sucking which means that when they bite down, there is a hole or opening between upper and lower teeth where they should be overlapping. This will impact child’s appearance and speech patterns. Also, children touch a lot of things and when they put their dirty hands inside their mouth, risk for dental infection increase.

Breaking the habit is not easy

Most children suck their thumb to pacify and calm their emotions and it is very difficult to break the habit. However, parents can help by offering comfort an emotional support when they see their child sucking their thumb. Instead of becoming angry, try to pacify them or divert their attention.

Visit a dentist for kids for help

If the child is sucking their thumb and you are concerned about their oral health, it is better to take them to a dentist near you. The dentist will help in evaluating and suggesting tips.