How to Make an Emergency Dental First Aid Kit

How to Make an Emergency Dental First Aid Kit

April 1, 2019

While most people have a first aid kit at home for meeting emergencies, it’s rare to find a dental emergency kit with people. If you are looking forward to having a dental emergency kit of your own, here’s a look at what all you would need.

Putting Together Your Kit

The dental emergency kit must contain antibiotics and painkillers, along with 12 basic items:

  • The first thing is to keep a piece of cotton or cotton ball in the kit which can be used in case you are irritated from braces or dentures.
  • Wax is good for covering the sharp edges of orthodontic bands and wires.
  • Tea bags are good for controlling the bleeding after undergoing oral surgery and it can be soothing if you bite your check, lip, or tongue says emergency dentist near Bartonville, TX.
  • Orabase paste for healing canker sores or sore mouth.
  • Denture adhesive paste is useful for securing a cap or bridge which has fallen out.
  • If your filling breaks out, you can use temporary filling material.
  • Just like eye drops, you can buy toothache drops for relieving tooth pain.
  • Stimudent plaque removers are toothpicks designed for removing plaque and foreign objects stuck between your teeth.
  • You need a topical anaesthetic containing Benzocaine which offers temporary relief from denture sores, gum irritation, cold sores, and fever blisters to name a few.
  • You can also pack table salt packs as they help in rinsing the mouth with salt water in case of wounds.
  • Put a clean cloth in the kit to be used as compress for bleeding.
  • You also need gauze to wrap a knocked out tooth.

Denture First Aid Kit

  • Commercial cleaning powder for dentures.
  • Denture adhesive or denture pads.
  • Nail polish remover for removing denture glue.
  • Rubbing alcohol to soften the adhesive if it becomes improperly sealed.
  • Super glue for binding parts of a broken denture base back together or replacing denture tooth that has fallen out from its place.

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